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Ten Traits of The Ideal Volunteer

September 9, 2012

So, what does it take to be the best?

  1.  A big, big smile. (Its infectious).
  2.  An open mind to a new culture, which needs to be embraced for maximum impact and the full experience.
  3. The inner child to be released when working with children. (Show them how to be a child).
  4. Fun loving. (You’re here to help them have fun, have fun yourselves).
  5. A committed & responsible attitude.
  6. Discipline for yourself and the child. (Sometimes it’s hard, but it will help you and the children if they can see self control in an adult who cares).
  7.  A heart for the job in hand (whatever that job may be!).
  8. The ability to plan, execute and review your project plan. (We all want to enjoy our work, the best work comes from careful planning and changing what didn’t go so well – nobody gets it right first time).
  9. An individual who enhances a team. (Join in, your input is important in work and play – You enjoy things more too).
  10. Someone who wants to Make a Change for the Better (Not just enrol to enhance their CV).

Above all of this to be a well rounded person who wants to do something that will enhance the lives of others as well as their own whilst having fun.


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