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Easter Cakes!

April 15, 2012

The weather held up – though overcast for most of the day, so off we went for a pre-Easter party with our neighbours and presented our contribution – the cakes!

(Well, just because we’re in Romania, doesn’t mean that we can’t take a little bit of British culture, after all Coke and Pepsi have flooded the world with American culture).

We also took a ‘Duggy-Egg’ salad and toast to nibble on before the main meal which was also well recieved and a nice, savory start to the banquet which followed.

Anyway, the cakes were very much appreciated and eaten before, during and after the main meal, even though the Simnel cake was cobbled together with ingredients which could be found in Romania. In fact, they were so much appreciated that our host was seen to eat a total of 8 pieces and growled if anyone else moved in.

Everyone had a good time, and left with very full tummies or just fell asleep where they were sitting.

(P.S – We did leave some cake at home, so more today following a lovely roast lamb dinner which is just about to be popped in the oven).


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