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The Children’s Homes

March 25, 2012

When I first came to Romania the state ‘orphanages’ (as they were called then) were horrendous by western standards, just like the TV reports I had been seeing, but one thing I noticed here in Deva was that the children were happy and the staff loved them which is what counted to them. They didn’t care about the toilets not having seats, doors or even partitions between them, they were just happy to be loved.

Here we all are together and these smiles were always there, not just for the photograph.

Now, I am pleased to say that the standard of living has improved greatly. All of our children now live in a ‘family’, ten children share an apartment with one nanny. The children are of varying ages (just like in a real family), but all of the same gender. (There are 160 children)

Each morning, the children go to school and each afternoon return ‘home’, and do their homework or attend our English school. During school holidays, we plan a programme for them which is educational, but fun and they love it. When we arrive they are all there waiting and waving, in anticipation for the surprises ahead.


We try to have a theme for the week, always starting the year at the Eater break and moving on with the olympics, pirates, gardening, swimming, painting, pottery, recycling and any others that we think up along the way.

In future weeks, we will show you how we worked last year, so that you can start thinking of what you might bring to the project when you visit us. Don’t forget to sign up now for the Easter special, 2-4-1

Sometimes we take them on trips, sometimes we all go to the garden and help with the vegetables, always we have fun!


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