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The Thaw

February 26, 2012

What a beautiful and hopeful time of year this is.

The birds are chirruping in the tree tops as the sun streams through to warm the earth and wake the struggling buds. People are slowly waking up too and risking a brisk walk along the country lanes without the fear of getting stranded in a snowdrift or slipping on the rock hard ice.

It is also the time when we hear the putt-putt of the neighbours’ tractors as they take the first opportunity to work the fields ready for the springtime sowing.

Soft smiles return to faces that have been frozen by the chill and everyone starts to slowly take off their thick winter woollens and replace them with a simple jumper.

The snow starts to slowly drip off the trees, the streams begin to flow and the house’s aluminium guttering plays the familiar spring thaw tune welcoming the spring after a cold hard winter.

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