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Hunedoara Castle

February 23, 2012

When in Romania, it is of course a must to visit one of Dracula’s castles. Dracula is known around here as Vlad the Impalar, and we have one of his castles just up the road.

Hunedoara Castle is beautiful and impressive. Located in the town of Hunedoara, in the county by the same name – Hunedoara forms part of ancient Transylvania, popularized worldwide by the name of Count Dracula.



Vlad was imprisoned in Hunedoara Castle by Matthias Corvinus. He stayed prisoner for seven years, after which he was pardoned, declared a national hero, (which he is to this day) and given the official title of ‘Vlad the Impaler’, and married into the Corvin family who took ownership of the castle in 1458 and locally the castle is still known as Corvin Castle.

The legend of Vlad states that during his seven years of imprisonment, he continued with his favorite habits by decapitating mice and sticking their heads on small stakes, and by also constantly asking his jailers to have more blood for his dinner.

The castle was greatly extended and improved by Ioan of Hunedoara, who was Vlads’ nephew, but was largely destroyed by a major fire in the early part of the 20th Century. Since then, the castle has been entirely renovated and stands as one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in Romania, and it was declared as the most beautiful palatial building in Romania .

Today,as well as being full of history, it houses museums and galleries and a number of gift shops, and is well worth a visit, with, or without our local guide.



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